Everything Instagram

With around 100 million photos shared every day it is no surprise that the Social Media Association kicked off its webinar series with the social media giant, Instagram. On Thursday, August 19th, SMA’s first webinar entitled, Everything Instagram, was led by Hilary Topper, President & CEO of HJMT PR.   People love taking and viewing […]

Buying In To Social Media In The Non-Profit World

We all know that social media has become a way of life, but what you may not know is how important is has become for those companies whose missions aren’t defined by the bottom line. On May 22nd, 2019 The Social Media Association was happy to welcome a cast of experts who work in the […]

A University Never Sleeps

A university never sleeps. And that creates nightmares for social media departments.             When thousands of students have the ability to spend 24 hours a day together, you never know what’s going to happen in a given moment. When you add the ability to share a comment to the world in a split second, that anxiety […]

Social Media Association and Storytelling

Think about some of the marketing campaigns that have stuck with you the most. It could be about car sales. Possibly a clothing line. Maybe a certain type of beverage. Regardless of the product, there’s almost certainly one thing your favorite campaigns have in common. Storytelling. One recent commercial that comes to mind for myself […]

Using Visuals in Social Media Posts: Present and Future

  We have become spoiled. Consumers want more. We want more out of a campaign. We want images that stand out. We want visuals we can discuss with our friends and co-workers. Think about some of the marketing campaigns that have stuck with you. Are they something you read? Or something you saw, whether it […]

Social Media in Finance: Opportunity or Danger?

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Social Media Day 2018!

Pictured: SMA Co-Treasurer Sharyn O’Mara, SMA Vice President Beth Granger, and SMA Attendee Pauline Joseph Year after year, Social Media Day is our biggest event of the summer. It also is our longest running event, as 2018 marked our fifth consecutive Social Media Day celebration. Held on June 28th, 2018 at the Residence Inn Marriott […]

Social Media is Music to our Ears

There wasn’t any music playing in our superb meeting space, but the house certainly was packed for a great show at D’Addario and Company Inc. in Farmingdale, the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instrument accessories. The crowd heard from two social media rock stars as the conversation centered around strategies and trends specific to the […]

“They Don’t Buy What You Do, They Buy How You Do It”

Blog Title Credit to Nicholas Renna, Lessings, Inc. Let’s be honest, have you taken a picture of a good-looking meal, an activity you’re doing while on vacation, or an award you got at work? Let’s also be honest, how many times did that same picture end up on Instagram? If you answered yes to both […]

The Shift to Digital Continues

Depending on your point of view, it was much simpler for a business to get its message out to the general public 50 years ago. Just think about how much media has shifted in the last 50 years, let alone just the past 10 years. Whereas newspapers and print media used to dominate the marketing […]