Is Facebook Monitoring your Messenger Texts?

Facebook Messenger is neither secure nor encrypted. Despite Facebook’s marketing of Messenger as a private way to communicate safely, it is not private at all. First, the encryption claim. Messenger is not as secure as WhatsApp and Apple’s iMessage. Facebook’s text product disguises the data in transit while your text message travels through the Internet […]


I’ve attended terrific events and thought “Why isn’t this place more crowded?” too many times. Whether this is a concert, lecture, sporting event or just a community event in a park, it’s always left me with the same confused and dumbfounded expression. The reason more often than not is very simple – nobody knew about […]

SMA & DMALI Come Together For A Big Networking Hit!

With the Direct Marketing Association of Long Island, the Social Media Association held an exciting happy hour networking event on Thursday, March 24th, 2016.  The two organizations blended together as they met up at Jewel Restaurant in Melville. Jewel Restaurant provided happy hour pricing and delicious appetizers for all those that were in attendance. The […]