A Letter From The Co-President

Happy Spring! I wanted to share some exciting news with you.  I will be stepping down as Co-President of Social Media Association Inc. Paul Rubell, Partner at Meltzer Lippe, will be the new President of the organization. Paul has been a member of the executive board since the inception of Social Media Association Inc. He […]

Zero to $2 Billion — The Marketing and Branding Story Behind the Growth

On February 12, 2014, the Social Media Association was treated to a terrific presentation by a successful technology entrepreneur and investor. Jim Estill spoke about his book, Zero to $2 Billion — The Marketing and Branding Story Behind the Growth. He graciously shared his background, business philosophy, wisdom, and insight with us. Jim, a calm down-to-earth guy […]

Social Media and Everything Legal Presentation

These days, nearly every company utilizes social media in one form or another.  Even the local funeral home is vying for Facebook “likes.” Although it is fun, social media is serious business.  Did you know that every “tweet” is curated at the Library of Congress? Attorney Paul Rubell of Meltzer, Lippe, Goldstein & Breitstone gave […]

Facebook’s Data Collection Policy: Giving Away Your Private Information

Thousands of companies that provide internet services systematically and purposely collect confidential information belonging to every person who uses their web platforms. Social media, search engines, mobile apps and games — all of these ask for, collect, maintain, and in some instances re-distribute personal information about their users. Facebook recently confirmed its dark side when […]

What Does Google Glass Do?

I picked up my Google Glass a week ago.  Since then, I have barely taken them off!  When I went to Blogher ‘13, many of the attendees asked me to try them out.  Others asked me what they do.  Everyone was curious and excited about the possibilities. Here’s what you can do with Glass: Take […]

It’s Better on the Beach — Beach Meetup 2013

The Allegria Hotel, situated on the pristine 3.5 mile white sandy beach of Long Beach, NY, also known as the Riviera of the East, served as an elegant and enjoyable venue for the Social Media Association’s annual Summer Meetup, aptly hashtagged #BeachMeetup. Conversations floating around the exquisitely designed Londa Lounge ranged from “Let me see […]

Have You Snapchatted Anyone Lately?

          Snapchat, an app available on iTunes for a free download, is the hottest new app among teens and 20somethingers. Once you download the application, a little friendly ghost will be the icon on your screen. When you click on the link, it takes you to a camera, similar to Instagram.  […]

Combating Digital Assassins by Bert Cunningham

Which of the seven swords used by digital assassins will cut down your reputation or that of the brand you represent? At today’s Social Media Association meeting, Fortune 500 PR and crisis management expert Richard Torrenzano detailed how easy it is for everyone and every brand to experience “15 minutes of shame” caused by digital […]

Top 10 Most/Least Healthy Cities From Foursquare

Foursquare recently released its 2nd annual list of most and least healthiest cities. * Foursquare has looked at data from more than 3 billion check-ins to determine the healthiest eaters in the country based on *check-ins to healthy spots like juice bars, salad shops, yoga studios, tracks and gyms over the last year. Top 10 […]

Should You Use a Live Twitter Stream at Your Next Event?

It’s cool to have a live stream at your big event. But what happens if something inappropriate gets posted during the event? That’s exactly what happened during this year’s NYC’s Fashion Week. Designer, Rebecca Minkoff decided to incorporated a large screen to showcase tweets while her fashion show was taking place. When a Buzzfeed staff […]